Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Turk's Cap

Turk's Cap is one of my favorite shrubs. I got this plant on one of the flower excursions my mother-in-law, Caroline, took me on several years ago. After hearing my story about Irises, she decided to take me to Mrs. Hydie's place, an expert gardener, in Waco. Out behind her home was a stand of Turk's Cap. It immediately took me back to my childhood, so I was obliged to take all I could dig up!

As the g
ardener in the family, this is one of Pat's least favorite plants. One reason is it is a tad invasive, so it requires digging up and cutting back annually. However, if there is plenty of room, this native Texas plant will thrive. It attracts and feeds hummingbirds every year. The hummingbirds are so busy, you can walk right up to them and watch them feed!

The photos in this article were taken by my son, Cory in 2007. Also in the garden with the Turk's Cap are a variety of plants: Russian sage, daisies, society garlic, sage bush, lilies, and a creeping green carpet of something with yellow flowers.

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