Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rain, Beautiful Rain!

Praise the Lord and hope the creek rises!!!  We finally got a good soaking rain yesterday, and more is in the forcast for today and tomorrow!  I was so excited, I even took pictures from the back door.  Pat thought I was going to go out into the yard with my camera during a downpour--silly Pat!

The garden is getting a much-needed rain!

According to Weather Underground, Waco got about 1 1/2" of rain.  Pat seems to think we got about that to 2".  He ran out during a calm spell to replace buckets from the downspouts.  We definitely need to look into getting either rain barrels or a cistern! 

This time the back porch light was on, so you can actually see
the rain pouring down!  Delightful!!

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