Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 2011 Garden Update

Pat is always on the lookout for a pesky squirrel grazing at the bird feeders.  Lately he's been adding birdseed almost daily to the feeders.  Then last night he had a frightening realization.  The squirrels aren't at the bird feeders...the birds are.  Additionally, they are hitting the birdbaths as soon as they are filled up.  The drought is impacting them, and the bad thing is we didn't realize it.  So, from today on we'll be checking the water in the birdbaths twice daily and filling up the feeders as much as possible.  We have a slight hope for rain on Thursday, but that is so far off, I'm not even counting on it at the moment.  The Farmer's Almanac holds out hope for decent rain chances in June.  If so, that'd be a great start to summer and dampen the drought we're experiencing.

Please feed and water the birds.  I know I also need to put out a few bee baths, too!
In other parts of the garden, the Basil and Vegetable Garden are coming along fine.  We even have some yellow squash starting.  However, the cucumbers aren't doing so well.  Perhaps it isn't hot enough for them.  Pat did say when I planted them that they haven't ever done very well. Maybe we need to toss that packet of seeds!

Zucchini, Squash and Cucumbers
Baby Yellow Squash!

Pat says he has 3 buckets of rainwater to use on the tomatoes this week.  That's impressive considering we're catching rain in 3 to 5 gallon buckets!  He's making compost tea with most of the rainwater.  I love how I get something started....and then he takes over!!  Isn't it great??

The Circle Garden is coming along nicely.

Basil...grow baby, grow!!

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