Thursday, May 5, 2011


Bearded Irises--Iris Garden

Our Iris show in our first Iris garden was lack luster.  Most likely due to the lack of rainfall during March.  Also, this garden does not seem to produce blooms regularly.  We have several hypotheses:  inadequate sunshine, poor soil, and an abundance of weeds.  After about seven years or so, I would have thought that this garden would be jammed packed with Irises, but the bulbs have been slow to multiply.

Nevertheless, when the Irises do bloom in this garden, they are beautiful and showy!
Another view

Bronze Beauty
 I do not know the official names of these Irises.  I can tell you that the best blooms we had this year were from "Mom's Iris Garden."  I've named it for my mother-in-law because almost all of the bulbs came out of her yard.  Pat transplanted them as she requested.  She was funny that way.  She'd have to have a certain plant.  Then she'd buy as many as she could and plant them all over the yard.  Then she'd get tired of them, and Pat would dig them up and bring them to our yard.  I think she had this planned all along!


Purple Delight

Yellow & White with Lilac Beard

Soft Pink bud

We're hoping for a better blooming season in 2012.  The lack of rainfall had to have impacted our Iris show this year.  In the meantime, well allow the greenery to continue to make sugar to feed the rhizomes and pray for rains to keep the greenery alive for as long as possible.  In the fall, we'll fertilize and clear away the dead stuff and keep our fingers crossed for spring!

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