Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's Soooo Dry

To be honest, when I started this Grandpa experiment about predicting the weather for the year, I thought it was a little silly.  However, looking back on the first few days of the year, I can tell you I was in denial about how dry this year may potentially be.  At Homestead Heritage, the instructors stated that one of the biggest challenges for Central Texas farmers and gardners is the inconsistency of rainfall throughout the year.  It either rains buckets or doesn't rain at all.  This is holding out to be true for this year. 

So far we have officially had between 4.03" and 4.28" of rainfall for the Waco area for the first 110 days of the year.  In reviewing the average rainfall chart below, we should have had about 7" so far.  There is a little hope that we will have some rain this week.  Going by KWTX's forecast, we have a 40% chance of rain starting at 6:00 p.m. tonight.  It must must! 

Another thing that is not helping one bit is the windiness of this month!  One would think it was March or something.  The lack of rainfall and the consistent winds only make it that much drier outside.  But despite the weather conditions, our garden is thriving due to our monthly water useage!  Hopefully our rain chances increase for the rest of April---it's time we caught up!

Rainfall Averages for Waco, Texas

Sadie chews on a stick on the dry, dusty ground! ;-)

Annual 33.34 inches

January 1.9 inches
February 2.43 inches
March 2.48 inches
April 2.99 inches
May 4.46 inches
June 3.08 inches
July 2.23 inches
August 1.85 inches
September 2.88 inches
October 3.67 inches
November 2.61 inches
December 2.76 inches

Years Averaged 30 years

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  1. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, our area is in an "extreme drought". We had a little bit of rain Monday morning, but you couldn't tell by Monday afternoon. We need a solid drizzle for a couple of weeks ... It IS a challenge trying to grow plants in such conditions and we have to water nearly every other day. UGH!