Friday, April 22, 2011

Container Garden Update & Soil Recipe

Feeling successful!
Yellow bloom on the succulent!

I have throroughly enjoyed my succulent container garden!  I can't tell you how many times I walked past the empty strawberry pot and cursed it because no matter what I'd planted, it died!  

On my oriniginal post I thought I had given the soil recipe for this garden, but I didn't.  I was probably thinking at the time: It's probably a good idea to wait and see if this thing works!
Tons of blooms!
The plants in the
openings are secure!

Succulent Recipe

Most people probably use sand and such for their succulents.  Pat and I always use what we have, and we don't have any sand.  I think the success for this container was adding a good compost to the mix and wetting the mixture first before planting. 

About 50% potting soil and 50% compost.
I added about a handful of vermiculite which helps retain moisture in the mixture and aerates the soil.

Next I moistened the soil in a tub and mixed the ingredients well.

When I potted the succulents, I added soil to the bottom of the first row of openings and packed it lightly.  I think one of the tricks to a strawberry pot is making sure the soil doesn't compact after the plants are added.  The soil needs to be compacted prior to watering in the plants so it doesn't shift.  I think that's how I've lost plants before---they literally fell out of the hole, and I couldn't smash them back in again!

Next I added one plant at a time to each hole while adding more potting soil mix and packing it down.  I continued until I reached the top.  I still watered everything in, but I didn't have to water much since my soil was moist to begin with.

Pat is so pleased with the result, he says he's going to move my container to a "prominent" spot in the garden to show it off!   

That makes me smile!

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