Sunday, March 20, 2011

Circle Garden & Succulents!

Inspired by Digging--Pam Penick, I am going to try
growing some succulents!
On Thursday, Pat and I trekked out to Bonnie's Greenhouse to pick up plants for our circle garden.  When I turned a corner, there were all sorts of succulents wanting to be purchased.  Remembering posts from one of my favorite bloggers, Pam Penick, I decided to give them a try knowing I had an unused strawberry pot begging for some plants!  I am amazed that succulents do so well here. In Abilene, we had a terrible time keeping any sort of succulent growing--most likely due to the "real" winters there! 

Finished Succulent Garden
In our rock garden, we have had some sort of succulent growing at the base of our rose bush for years now.  I suppose that when the leaves fall and cover them up, they offer just the right protection during the winter.  This spring they are really taking why not try a container of succulents!!

Update on Gardening Goals--Circle Garden

Pat and I worked Thursday and Friday--okay, maybe Pat worked harder than I did--cleaning out the circle garden and planting new plants.  Below is a picture with all the plants labeled except for the society garlic which you cannot see.  The society garlic has been nipped back quite a bit due to our hard freezes.  However, we do see sprigs coming up so we do have some hope!  Pat also dug up some Russian Sage and I potted those for transplanting later.  Finally, he relocated some Turk's Cap among our thicket to add a splash of color along the edge of our property.

Circle Garden--cleaned up and ready for Spring!
 I can hardly wait!!

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