Friday, March 18, 2011

Starting Seeds

Soil, container, seeds, & directions!
 Yes, it's probably late to be starting seeds indoors now, however I have a good reason.  I do not know how to do this, and my first attempt didn't work out!  Pat told me to put the seeds in pots and put them on the windowsil.  A gardening expert, Dick Raymond, said, "Don't ever put seeds in pots, and don't ever put them on the windowsil!"  Okay.  So now I'm trying his method!! 

I've chosen to experiment with Cilantro seeds because it really doesn't matter when you plant them.  In fact, it probably isn't a bad idea to plant several plants in your garden at different dates in order to have fresh Cilantro until frost.  I purchased the seeds from Homestead Heritage, and they claim to be "slow" bolt which is even better. We tend to lose our Cilantro throughout the season due to the Texas heat and bolting.

 Here are the directions for starting seeds indoors:
  • Start with good potting soil already moistened.  Have seeds, container, a tray, and a wood block for packing at hand.
Tamp dirt down before planting seeds

  • I used a mushroom container for this project and poked holes in the bottom for drainage.  I also had another takeout tray I'm using for the saucer.  The key, according to Raymond, is to keep the seeds moist and warm.  He also says water from the now I'm set.
  • Add moistened dirt and tamp down.  Plant seeds.  Cover with dirt.  Tamp down again. 
    Water well and cover with
    a plastic bag.  Wait 10 to 14
    days and there should be
  • Water well with a squirt bottle and put in a plastic bag.  Place the seedling on top of the refrigerator and check periodically for sprouting seeds. 

I started this project on March 13th so it will be a few more days before I see sprouts.  So far the soil is staying moist,  and I have had to add some water to the tray, so I'm hoping this is a good sign!!  I'll post an update when I see life!

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  1. Cindy,
    I have used a heating pad set on low with towel between the seed tray and pad. and then put under a little grow light stand.. don't have the stand any more wore it out. LOL. I also like to use jiffy 7's or Jiffy 9's..
    hugs cousin Chris