Sunday, July 3, 2011

June Forecast Prediction 2011!! Update!!

June in a nutshell--dry as a bone and hotter than a firecracker!

Sunflower at dusk.
As long as we water, everything's good.  Just got the water bill yesterday--it was only $123.00.  We're on a septic system and pay for garbage pick up separately, so that bill is purely for water.  Pat and I definitely be investing in a cistern--as soon as we can afford it.  We may not get a very large one, but something is better than nothing.  In previous blogposts, I reported how Pat and I  captured rainwater with 3 and 5 gallon buckets.  Without a steady amount of rainfall at the right time to switch out buckets, our catch has not been very much at all. 

I cannot say that we didn't get any rain in June.  We got about 1/2", but that was all.  On my last update, I reported that the Farmer's Almanac predicted a wet June for our area.  Now I don't feel so bad about my own predictions!

Now that I've seen how this "January" prediction thing works...I'd say that if I had paid closer attention, I would have known that we were in for a very hot and dry spring and summer.  I think next year's predictions will be a little more accurate.  Now for the results!

Even the sunflowers are begging for moisture!
My Prediction for June 2011--

It seems we will have a cool June. The high was only 8° above normal, but the low was 7° below normal. The sky did not hold much promise for rain today, so we will need to get our rain in the springtime as we usually do. The next few day's posts should be interesting as a cold front is moving in. We're expecting frigid temps and highs well below normal. Maybe we'll save on the electricity bill this summer!! Stay tuned!!

Actual June 2011 Weather

Notice the highlights in the prediction.  That is what I will pay close attention to in January 2012.  I was right about needing to get good rainfall in the springtime--but it didn't happen.  My area as well as most of Texas is now in a severe to extreme drought.  This has been the driest spell--going all the way back to October 2010.  In reviewing my prediction for July and August...we won't see rain until August.  I hope and pray we only have one more month of dry weather.

According to the Waco Tribune-Hearld, June was a record breaking month.  June 2011 is tied with 1934 as the second hottest on record.  June 22nd was the coolest day at only 90°.  June 12 began 8 straight days of 100°+ temperatures with the hottest day at 106° on June 18th.  In all, we had 17 days of 100°+ weather this month---which is about 8° above normal.  Hmmmm. 

Low:  67° to 80°
High: 90° to 106°
Winds: 0 to 43 mph with gusts from 17 to 52 mph
Precipitation: .88 at Waco airport


I was right about the rain, but not so much about the temperatures--I'm 50/50 for June!!

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