Friday, July 8, 2011

Zilker Botanical Garden Tour

View of the Butler's Window and rose garden.
Their roses are looking a lot like ours--needed
some rain!!
For our "staycation" this year, Pat and I decided to trek down to Austin to tour Zilker Botanical Gardens and to pop in on a few garden centers in the area.  We had a wonderful time touring the gardens as the photos suggest!  For anyone living or visiting the Central Texas area, a trip to Zilker is worth it.  The majority of the plants in the 31 acre garden are either native or well-suited for our Texas climate and drought-prone seasons. 

We had several surprises on this tour.  During this rain-stressed season in Texas, Pat and I were amazed how well the gardens were thriving.  Also, I was surprised by how shady the gardens are and the variety of plants doing so well in the shade.  Our yard is full of hot spots as well as dappled shady spots.  We noticed they had planted Turks cap just about everywhere.  This confirmed what Pat decided to do this spring--spread the Turk's Cap wealth in our own gardens.  While there, I snapped pictures of landscape designs ideas we'd like to incorporate into our own garden. 

Butler's Window from an historic home in Austin
This window was on an upper story!!

Beautiful Texas Sedge
I'd love to use our brick to form a nice feature like this in our garden!

I'm not sure what these flowers are, but they would look nice
falling over the rock border Pat has by our back driveway.

Gorgeous I wish they multiplied!!

Water Lily in the Japanese Gardens

So beautiful!

My sister would love this one!

Cactus Garden

Pat outside a pioneer cabin.


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