Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Over Clover and Other Garden Updates!

It felt good to get out in the yard today and yesterday, even if it was only for a short time.  I did my best to weed the circle garden for the second time this season.  As the title suggests, I now understand why gardeners don't like clover.  Clover belongs in a pasture where it's bound to be eaten and not in a flowerbed. Nevertheless, it was easy to pull up, and the circle garden looks fantastic again! 

Blackfoot Daisies--April 2012
This picture wanted to stay here--so I stopped fighting it!!
Below is a look at the circle garden last year when Pat and I had cleaned it out.  At the time this picture was taken, it was Spring Break of 2011 (March 17th).  At the time I felt silly labeling everything we planted.  Little did I know just how helpful it would be to keep a record.  Thankfully, I'm using it now to help me figure out just how much we lost and was able to keep due to the drought last year.

New plants added to Circle Garden March 2011
The plants that existed last year were:  Gray Santolina; Daisies; Daylilies; Turk's Cap; Salvia; Thyme; Russian Sage; Mexican Petunias; and Society Garlic.  The only established plants we lost to the drought were all but two small patches of Gray Santolina and the Daisies.  Pretty remarkable considering Pat and I barely watered this bed last year.

The new plants last year were:  Pink Guara (lost); Blackfoot Daisy; Bat-faced Salvia; Copper Canyon Daisy (we lost the one labeled in the picture...there was another one that we planted between the trees) all are survivors of the drought!!

Below is a current picture of the Circle Garden as it is today.  What a difference a little rain makes!  By the way, please pardon the photography.  During the week I have to shoot when I can, and the setting sun is directly in the path of this garden.  It casts a nasty glare over everything.

Circle Garden--April 2012
A close up of one section:  Love the Thyme!  I pruned it back severely last year
and look at it now--gorgeous!

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