Sunday, February 20, 2011

Homestead Heritage & Organic Plus Haul!

Homestead Heritage Haul & Plants from Organic Plus

About a week ago, Pat noticed that Homestead Heritage was offering "free" seminars on gardening.  In case you are not familiar with Homestead Heritage, they are a self-sustaining, Christian community who farm and live off the land.  They have built quite an empire by making and selling a variety of homemade items from furniture to quilts to preserves to pottery and more. 

When we moved back to Waco in 1994, Homestead Heritage seemed to be just getting started. Taking a look at the website, their business plan is taking off greatly, as they now have the General Store, The Barn--where they sell their wares, and a deli on site.  On Labor Day weekend and Thanksgiving, you can visit this unique place and take a step back in time.  Other times during the year they offer self-guided walking tours, classes on how to be self-sustaining in your own corner of the world, organized tours for schools, and an opportunity to shop! The community is located in the Elm Mott area off FM 933. 

Back to the purpose of our Saturday trip--the free seminar.  The ad in the paper did not specify anything other than "Free Seminars--Saturdays--10:00 a.m."  The topics include:  Gardening, Poultry, Bees, and Rain Collection.  Since the information was a little scant, I asked Pat if we could just drive out there to check it out!  Well, the seminars actually start next weekend--February 26th, and I will provide a listing of full classes at the end of this post.  However, as you can see, the trip was not wasted.  We only went to the General Store this time and fell in love with all they have there.  The tools they sell are of the highest quality and high-priced, but worth it.  Buy a pitchfork there and you'll never have bent tines again--unless you try to bust rock!  I now have a lovely gardening hat and some suet for the songbirds.  I did find the copper fungicide I was talking about in the black spot post.  In addition, they have seeds, stone bakeware, fertilizer, feed, books on gardening and just about anything else of gardening interest. 

Homestead Heritage Gardening Full Classes for 2011--Run about $90 each. 
February 26th & March 19th:  Bees--Introduction
April 23rd & May 7th:  Bees--Advanced
April 16th & August 27th:  Backyard Gardening
April 16th & September 17th:  Growing Culinary Herbs
June 25th & September 3rd:   Raising Poultry

The free seminars follow almost the same schedule as above, and are offered most every weekend beginning next week.  Call 254-754-9663 for more information.

Organic Plus

After spending quite a lot of money at the General Store we went to another favorite place, Organic Plus.  They are located in Speegleville off of Highway 6 & 185 at 10568 N. River Crossing (254-848-2103).  They have herbs and native plants--but usually not a lot of those.  Their main focus is bulk compost, blended soil and mulch.  That is what we usually purchase from them, but today we settled in on some arugula, tomato plants, romaine lettuce, and a few other herbs.  If you are wanting to amend your gardening soil, a trip to Organic Plus will make your garden happy!!!

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