Saturday, February 19, 2011

Signs of Life

The few flowering bulbs in our garden never cease to amaze me.  They come back each and every year without so much as a thought.  This is the first spring in a very long time that I didn't stroll through the garden to be totally shocked that something was growing!!  I know that is due to going out a little more often than in recent years past.  Because these bulbs were already planted when we purchased our home some 13 years ago, I do not know for certain what variety they are.  A little research leads me to believe these Daffodils, or Narcissus, are a butterfly type since there is a ruffled appearance to the petals.  The link takes you to a website that explains several varieties of Daffodils.

We do have some Hyacinths beginning to emerge as well as some Snowflake Lilies.  The Paperwhites, another form of Narcissus, are still trying to recoup from the recent snow and ice.  I'm certain that as the weather warms up they'll make their annual showy appearance.

Potted Tulips
One thing to look forward to next year will be these lovely yellow Tulips.  They were my Valentine's gift from the #1 gardener in the house, Pat. He didn't know it at the time, but I've always wanted Tulips growing in our garden.  But like everything else we plant around here, they will either sink or swim on their own!! 

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  1. Lucky you to have daffodils already. They will seem like heaven when they appear here.
    Your pot of tulips probably won't bloom for at least a couple of years because they've been forced. A lot of people toss them but I plant them. They'll probably bloom eventually.
    If I'm wrong and they do happen to bloom next year it will be a lovely surprise for you :) Thanks for stopping by and for the well wishes. We'll be so glad to have Ross home!