Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bloomin' Trees & Shrubs

White Antique rose
The first wave of Knock-out roses and Antique roses are coming to an end.  Pat and I dead-headed 3 rose bushes this past weekend.  The other bushes are starting to wind down, too.

Red Knock-out rose
I managed to get another good shot.  The recipe:  patience + overcast skies = maybe not perfect but good enough to make me a happy photographer!

Desert Willow blooms
The Desert Willow suffered a setback last summer.  We lost one large limb, but this spring we're budding and blooming daily.

Texas Sage
I wasn't too concerned about the Texas Sage until I easily snapped a branch.  Then I got to thinking that it hadn't bloomed at all during the recent rains.  Finally blooms appeared last weekend!  I think she'll be okay.

Esperanza Yellow Bells
This year's blog theme is hope and double portion.  The Esperanza is beginning to show its lovely yellow flowers.  Hope renewed!

Everyone else's Oleander is blooming like crazy.  Our Oleander is always last, but I see blooms on the horizon!  Plus the bush is very lovely this year and shaping up nicely.

Almanac Update for April 2012

We didn't see as much rain as I was hoping for.  Officially, we only had about 1.66".  I think we got around 2.0" at the house.  Sadly, there is no rain in sight for the 1st week of May.  We are getting a little antsy and desperate for an inch or three.

The temperatures have been very mild at night, but 80° to almost 90° every afternoon now.  Still, around 5:30 to 6:00 relief comes in cooler temps and/or a nice breeze to cool us off.  We still haven't turned our A/C on.  We try to make it until June 1 every year.  As allergies and old-age sets in, we usually give in around May 15th.  I'm hoping we can at least make it to Memorial Day weekend.  We'll see!

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