Monday, May 7, 2012

May Garden Update--Herb Garden

The Herb Garden Grows
I stepped outside early Sunday morning and the familiar sight of a garlic in bloom caught my eye, so I had to shoot some pictures.

Herb Garden Highlights:
Everything is green and lush.  The hot days are causing the oregano to lie down somewhat, but it always does that. As the tarragon stretches toward the sun, it too, falls down.  The Mexican Mint Marigold is mounding nicely and I expect some gorgeous blooms soon.

The Basil is absolutely beautiful this year.  It is a deep green, compact, and the aroma is so delightful.  Pat noticed a voluntary tomato plant coming up.  He probably committed a novice-gardener mistake--which is not cleaning out the previous soil completely before planting.  We'll see how this one does alongside the Basil.  As much as we love to cook with Basil, I'm pretty sure the tomato plant will have plenty of room to give off some mid-summer treats.

Finally, I have a picture of our last Iris bloom.  Not exactly an herb, however, it is blooming nearby!

Other herbs pictured:  Dill and Cilantro.

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  1. Love the tomato plant peeking up out of the basil. :)