Sunday, May 13, 2012

May Garden Update: Corn!

The corn has tassels!!

A lot can happen in the garden in just one short week.  I was going to post this collage last week, but was too busy.  Even though the corn has tassels, at the time I only saw one tiny corn emerge.  Take a look at the lower-right picture, and it can barely be seen.

Now take a look below!!  Not only do we have corn, we have a least one ear per stalk.  Some might say that doesn't seem very successful.  But for our very first time at growing sweet corn, Pat and I are tickled.  Not to mention, it's very hard eating this bounty, even when we do give it away!  One ear per stalk is very manageable.

That is one nice-looking ear!
We did get about 1.5" of rain since May 1, which is a true blessing.  We are beginning to lose the war against the drought since April rains were almost non-existent.  The rain outlook for the rest of the week shows a 20% Monday and Tuesday with temps in the 80's.  Come on double portion!

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