Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May Garden Update--Harvest and Crop Rotation

Upper Left--Squash blossom, peppers, tomatoes
Middle Left--Overall view, squash plants
Lower Left--Overall view, tomatoes are starting to make!
Because Pat and I attended an out-of-town graduation this weekend, the garden needed attention on Mother's Day. There were weeds a-plenty to poke and prod up out of the soil.  Even though moms should take their day off, I am certainly glad I did that chore!  There has been a steady drizzle of rain Sunday evening and Monday evening until now.  From the sound of the gentle rain now, I am thinking--or hoping--we have had at least an inch!

We are still harvesting beets.  Since the weather is cool, especially at night, the beets seem to be fine with hanging out in the soil until we are ready to eat.  I made another beet salad last night, and I do believe the beets are getting sweeter and sweeter.  I have started to use some of the onions, too.  They have fallen over, but are still green.  Only a few have bulbed out and not by much.  It is too shady under the Bradford Pear.  We also harvested some squash.  The squash and zucchini have been kind enough to only put off as much as we can eat in a week.  I am pretty sure that trend will not continue.  A friend of mine shared a nice zucchini bruschetta she made.  I am thinking--come on new recipe!!

Other crops in the garden include some purple-hulled peas.  They are beginning to show signs of life.  The potato tops are beginning to thin away meaning we will harvest the new potatoes around June: just a couple of weeks away!  The carrot tops look pretty, but there are no signs of filling out.  We may just leave them there for aesthetics!

Pat's duties are to harvest the cabbage and pull up the Swiss chard and collards.  Then he plans to plant some okra. He is waiting until it warms up some, as okra seeds prefer warm soil.  I know my momma will be looking forward to some peas and okra soon!!

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  1. this is indeed a very brilliant idea. I haven't really tried crop rotation.