Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Double Portion

Knockout Rose with a friend
This year has started off with a double portion blessing for sure!  So far this year we have received just under 12" of rain, and half of that has occurred this month.  The garden is growing rapidly, flowers are budding, bees are humming, and life is good!

The Irises are putting off blooms.  Tons of leaves are 'wrinkled' indicating that a bloom is in the work.  The Iris leaves are taller than they've ever been in the past.  I'm looking forward to a real nice show!

We didn't think the Vitek we planted last spring made it through the drought.  But it's budding leaves like it had been watered regularly in 2011.  It is tiny, but I'm excited about the prospect of a good growing season this year.

Not the best picture, but the lettuces are taking off rapidly.  Pretty sure I'll be taking salads to work next week.  We also have collards, Swiss chard, dragon kale (delicious), cabbage, beets, and onions in this picture.

Tomatoes, corn, squash and zucchini are in this picture.  Off to the side is a bed of potatoes.

When the garden looks like this, it's easy to count one's blessings!!

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