Friday, March 16, 2012

Hope Renewed: Weeds and Such

Healthy Dandelion
Who would think that the onslaught of weeds would be a great thing in the spring?  I suppose that during a drought, anything green is a welcomed sight!

Some might say that weeds are a nuisance; however, the definition of a weed according to the folks at Homestead Heritage is: any plant that man hasn't found a good use for yet.  One main benefit of having a few weeds around is biodiversity. The early yellow flowers of dandelions are the first flowers bees go to when gathering pollen in the spring.  Varying types of weeds bring in varying types of life which can enrich the soil and keep the ecosystem healthy.

Yet there comes a time when looking at a scraggly weed is tiresome.  Yes, we've pulled quite a few out of the flowerbeds, but we have left the majority of weeds in the yard as a temporary erosion control measure.  The drought all but obliterated our Bermuda grass, and anything that will grow in the sparse areas to help hold the soil together is a welcomed sight.  As the Bermuda fills in, it will choke out the weeds like it always does.

We have a healthy crop of clover this year, which also brings the hope that all is well with our tiny part of the earth!  Every year, I notice that our clover will hang on in some spots and die out in others.  I so enjoy seeing it rebound every year, though!  This year the ground cover seems to be especially healthy.  If I thought we could keep it growing through the hot summer, I'd definitely have clover over grass.

Herb Garden
Pat cleaned out the herb garden, but the important thing about the herb garden this year is it seems to be revived.  The flavors of the herbs are more intense.  The thyme is so tender and aromatic.  The oregano is lush and green.  The tarragon is under control right now.  My kitchen garden is such a joy!

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