Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hope Renewed

After not posting for over several months, the logical way to start this post is with an apology for not blogging.  However, with the worst drought in history, the only news to report since my last post was a tiring...still no rain.

Hope renewed--patches of Bermuda  grass appear.
The worst drought in Texas history occurred in 2011 and in some parts of Texas, the drought actually began well before last year.  According to the drought update, my location is still under a severe drought stage, while most of Central Texas has improved to the moderate stage.  Click on this link for statistics on the worst drought in Texas:  2011 Texas Drought Statistics.

Yes, we have had losses: mainly our trees.  I have taken many pictures of my Bradford Pear tree (below) and even devoted a post to it.  We lost it, and my heart is breaking over it.  During the drought, we were told to water our trees.  But living on 5 acres with the majority of the acreage covered with trees, that wasn't feasible.  In addition, our water comes from Lake Belton and the prediction was dire for our water supply, so conserving water was the only logical option.  Below is a current picture of our Bradford Pear with a link to my previous post.

She will come down and will be a post for a birdbath soon!
So far this year we have enjoyed over 9" of rain.  According to the 2011 Texas Drought Statistics we need at least 15" of rain to recover from the drought.  However, I'm thinking we actually need that plus our regular average rainfall to completely recover.  We are well on our way, but we cannot afford for the rain to stop anytime soon.  

Our other Bradford Pear survived the drought because
it was near the garden.  We watered the garden as
much as possible last year.   The rest of the property was
in survival mode.
Future posts will be devoted to how the land has survived the drought and all the good things I've seen around our place...including a garden!

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