Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weekend Lettuce Harvest: March 31, 2012

The garden is growing great, and the lettuces and beets are coming on strong!  Following is a harvest how to/what not to do when harvesting lettuces.

This weekend the lettuces are growing like weeds, so a large harvest is in order.  Here is what the row looked like before I started:

Dragon Kale; Radishes, Lettuces
When I had plucked my last lettuce out of the ground, Pat said:  "Don't pull it up by the roots, clip them so that they are easier to clean."  Okay, all I have to say is, where was he when I began???  Following was the method for this week I'll try it his way.  We'll just see which is easier!

First bucket of lettuces
I gingerly clipped off the roots of each bunch.  Sadie helped herself to the discards, and then tried to eat the harvest!  Naughty dog!  What I should have done was go ahead and remove the long stems at the same time because after I rinsed everything, I found there were long leggy stems that still needed to be removed.  I'm so doing this differently next week!

Second bucket of lettuces
Sink soak to remove dirt
Finally finished after 2 hours!
Once the lettuces soaked awhile in the sink, I rinsed them again and laid them out on tea towels and paper towels.  Then I snipped stems again.  The snipped stems were composted.  Our harvest this week was 3.5 gallon-sized bags of cleaned lettuces; 1 bag of Swiss chard; some dragon kale, 3 radishes, and romain lettuce leaves.  We shared one bag of lettuces with the next door neighbors.  I will probably give mother a bag tomorrow.  Next week I imagine I will harvest about the same if not more!

If there is a better method of harvesting lettuces, please let me know!

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