Monday, December 20, 2010

Boney's Almanac--Fall 2010

Water Valve Yard Art
 I hope this piece of yard art isn't an omen to how our winter will go.  So far our Fall for 2010 has been very dry.  Pat said he read in the paper that this October to December stretch is the driest on record since the 50's.  My water bill confirms this trend as it has not had the usual drop in usage.

In fact, our growing season is just now starting to slow down.  The Cannas have frozen, the Knock Out Roses are dropping a few leaves, and most of our trees have lost all their leaves.  The weather planner at KWTX has mostly sunny skies and mild temperatures for the coming Christmas week so the trend continues. 

A quick peek at the Farmer's Almanac online suggests we will see pockets of stormy weather throughout the winter season in Texas with chances of wintry mix.  However, our local KWTX weather blog has a slightly different outlook:  warmer and drier than usual due to the La Nina weather pattern.  Boo.  This means I can expect higher than usual water bills!

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