Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Night Shots

Bradford Pear branch at sunset--Dec. 2010
I apologize in advance for some of these photos.  My best photos are taken under perfect conditions!  However, in preparing for using my new camera, I bought a magazine Getting Started in Digital SLR Photography:  Improve your photo skills and take better pictures I have been reading their articles which are very well organized and somewhat easy to understand.  It is opening my eyes to how my trial and error approach to photography was not too far off base.  However, a little well-timed knowledge makes all the difference!

Our tree behind grapevines--Dec. 2010
One article I was reading in another magazine said to take photos of Christmas lights at twilight.  Well, I did try with my little Elph, but apparently an ISO of 400 isn't the right setting to get good night shots with my little camera.  As you can see in this photo of our tree through our "foggy" windows, it just isn't quite right.  I'll get to experiment when I officially receive my new camera later this month!  By the way, if you are prone to camera tilt like I am, Picasa Web 3 has an amazing "straightening" tool.  If I hadn't had that tool, your head would be tilted slightly to the left trying to view the above picture correctly!

Ring of Trees at Sunset--Dec. 2010
This was the sunset the night of the rare lunar eclipse.  I wonder if the upcoming event had anything to do with the gorgeous colors!  Thanks for stopping by!

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