Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yard Art

Pat's Moon
We not only like to add new plants to our gardens, we also like to find art to decorate our landscape.  The best pieces we have are the ones that were given to us or recycled out of other things that are no longer of any use.  One example of a recycling project is when Pat cut up and reused his old bar-b-que pit, Ol' Smokey.  Pat's Moon, pictured above, was cut out of the end of Ol' Smokey.  When we retired Ol' Smokey, we could not bear to throw it away.  It held so many memories of cookouts with the boys when they were little.  Pat used stoke the fire in the pit with a "fire stick," and the boys had to have their own "fire sticks," too.  They would get the ends heated just enough that they would glow.  Then the boys would around the yard with a smoke trail following close behind them!

Matt's Duck Sculpture
When our youngest was in high school, he added to our yard art collection with the masterpiece above. I believe he created the piece out of carefully-selected scrap, then welded it together to form a perfect montage.  He carefully spray-painted just the right parts of it white. The duck heads were added from Pat's worn out decoys. 

Finally, some of our art is purchased, like Mr. Sun.  The angel in the background was a Christmas gift one year.  Sometime in the spring Pat will cut up Dad Boney's bar-b-que pit and place it strategically around the yard.  Decorating the yard with memories adds another dimension to gardening.  More updates will follow!

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  1. I like the art in the gardens.. gives me ideas for stuff we have around here. Thanks for posting!!