Friday, December 3, 2010

Photograph Your Garden

It will not be often that I implore my readers to do something. But this is an exception:  photograph your garden regularly.  This lovely photograph is one that was taken either by myself or my son, Cory.  It probably was Cory because I don't remember taking such a gorgeous picture!

Yucca planted by Pat early 2000.  Photo taken in 2006.

Yuccas grow well in most parts of Texas.  Unless you live in the Mountain Basin region, they will freeze.  In 2006 we had about eight yuccas in our yard.  Here is another shot of our yuccas next to our Texas Sage.  Since both plants are native to the region, it makes sense to plant them together. 

Photo taken in 2007.  Texas Sage and Yuccas
 Sadly, we no longer have our yuccas.  We have had several hard freezes over the years and have lost all but two or three of them.  Of the ones that are left, they are not as hearty now as they were in 2006.  Having photos reminds me of what I love and what I don't love or miss about our garden...honestly!  After seeing this photo again, I am hoping someday Pat will plant some replacements.

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