Monday, December 6, 2010

A Southwest Trooper

The Spineless Cactus that barely escaped the 2010 freeze.

Cacti dot the land of Texas.  Some consider Cacti an eyesore or a nusance, but I have come to appreciate the beauty they add to our Texas landscape.

Pat has always had some form of Cactus or succulent in our garden ever since we have been homeowners.  One of our favorites is the Spineless Cactus.  The plant resembles the Prickly Pear which is a common feature of ranchland and the countryside all over our state.  The pads tend to be fuller, and although the name suggests no bothersome thorns, it is best not to grab hold of a pad with your bare hands!

This past winter we had several freezes that killed most of our Spineless Cactus.  I had written it off as being gone for good, but not Pat.  He picked up the green pads that had fallen to the ground and quickly set them in dirt.  They are still in the pots and one day, he will decide it is time to plant more Spineless Cactus all over our yard!!

In the meantime, as you can see from the photo, our Spineless has managed to make a comeback.  The pads started out small at first and quickly grew to full size by mid summer.  This spring we should see some beautiful cactus flowers on the plant.  It blooms every year and the flowers are spectacular!  I will make a note to update this post with the spring flowers provided there are no more setbacks this year.

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