Saturday, December 18, 2010

Langtry--Just for Fun!

Judge Roy Bean's Opera House--Town Hall--and Seat of Justice
taken on our Bike tour of Big Bend in March 2007
 There are many legends about Texas and the people who call her home, but there is none as colorful as the Legend of Judge Roy Bean, Law West of the Pecos.  On our last long motorcycle trip through Big Bend, Pat and I decided to head back home via Del Rio, Texas.  That dusty and lonely journey from Alpine, Texas, to Del Rio made us appreciate what it must have been like to tame the Mountain Basin region of our state.  Even now there is literally nothing between the two towns until you stumble upon the oasis of Langtry!
A very fancy water well

Langtry, Texas, was the home of the infamous Judge Roy Bean and many stories still circulate about him: some are true and some are stretched in true Texas style.  However, my favorite story is his love and devotion to a photograph of Lilly Langtry.  In her honor the Judge changed the name of his town to Langtry, and the saloon and seat of justice to the Jersey Lilly.  The link below the picture takes you to another site about the romance of the Old West and the life of Judge Roy Bean. 

Look closer in the photo above, and you will see some plants Pat and I have proudly on display in our garden.  There are Prickly Pear (which ours are the spineless variety), Texas Sages and Beaked Yuccas.  Visiting this ghost town was a highlight of our trip since we've heard about Langtry and Judge Bean all our lives.  The Texas Department of Transportation has done a superior job of turning this site into a place to visit even though it is miles from almost nowhere!  The picture to the right is of a garden behind Judge Bean's saloon...I mean...Opera house, complete with native Texas plants.


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