Tuesday, January 4, 2011

April 2011 Forecast--Prediction!!

January 4, 2011---April 2011 Prediction!
Bearded Iris from Iris Bed--April 2007--Elph
My grandpa said that if you watch the weather the first 12 days of the new year, you will know what the weather will be like for the year. Here is my "official" experiment!

Actual Weather

High:  64°
Low:  50°
Wind:  6--9 mph
Humidity:  65% to 82%
Precipitation:  none
Sky:  overcast with gray clouds


It was a very mild day.  I did not need a jacket at all.  As the day progressed, more and more clouds and moisture rolled in, giving me great hope for at least normal rainfall for April with normal temperatures. 

Prediction for April 2011

Be looking forward to some May flowers in 2011 is my official prediciton because I am expecting our annual April showers! I posted a picture of one of my prized Irises because they usually sneak up on me and bloom in April. Sometimes I wonder if I am not stretching it a bit...but if you looked at the sky today, it should have rained buckets.  Optimism prevails again in this prediciton!!

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