Wednesday, January 5, 2011

May 2011 Forecast--Prediction!!

January 5th, 2011---May 2011 Prediction

My grandpa said that if you watch the weather the first 12 days of the new year, you will know what the weather will be like for the year. Here is my "official" experiment!

Pot of Impatients, some sort of white flower, and a Geranium
hiding under a fern leaf--taken May 2007
Actual Weather

High:  66°
Low:  42°
Wind:  5 mph
Humidity:  22% to 92%
Precipitation:  none
Sky:  Overcast in the morning while starting to clear off in late afternoon.  Beautiful sunrise this morning, but I was at school--no camera--boo!


The day began with a beautiful sunrise.  Unfortunately, I was at school without my camera, so I was not able to get a shot of it.  The day started out bright and sunny, but the overcast clouds brought periods of dreariness with periods of bright, pretty sunshine.  By the afternoon, most of the clouds had rolled away and the sun was shining fully again.  There was a lot of humidity, but it must have been during early morning, as the air did not feel heavy to me.  The temperature was mild enough, that although I put a jacket on, I really didn't need it.

Prediction for May 2011

This is tricky.  The clouds early in the morning looked like they were holding rain for a while.  Then the clouds got a little heavier during the day, only to lighten up again.  So, I'll say we  will have some showers in May, but probably only normal precipitation for the month.  We'll also have gorgeous springtime days with warm temperatures.  Our high today was about 10° higher than normal.  The wind will be mostly calm as wind gusts were up to 20 mph, but during the day, it wasn't windy at all.  So folks, I think we're in for a pretty normal May 2011!!

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