Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Beauty

Pansy--January 2011

One could argue that an annual is not Grow Green friendly.  But how can you resist a beautiful Pansy?  Pansies are annuals and will not be here once the really hot summer begins, which is usually by the end of May.  However, Pansies were one of my Grandma's favorite flowers and it's hard to not to plant a few of them in the winter.  Plus, they're so beautiful! 

Mine were planted just a little too late to be prolific, but as you can see at least one plant is doing well.  With the saturating rains we've had so far, I anticipate them to pop out and grow like crazy in the next couple of weeks.

Since I'm updating the Pansies, I thought I'd let you know that despite puppy digging and clawing the very day I planted beets, carrots, fennel and wildflowers, I am seeing a few seedlings.  The picture below is a snapshot of the wildflowers I planted about 2 weeks ago.  I think it's way too early for them to be sprouting, but Pat says they're just like weeds.  In fact, I could very well have a pleasant crop of weeds

 and not know it!!  However, looking closely at the sprouts, I'd say I'll have a nice crop of wildflowers soon.  Hope we don't get a hard freeze.  As for the carrots--no sign yet.  But I did see a few beets.  And yes, a puppy did come and dig profusely through my garden about 2 hours after I'd planted.  I was not a happy camper.  I expect to replant this weekend or the following week to be certain of getting a few vegetables!!

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