Monday, January 3, 2011

February 2011 Forecast--Prediction!!

Variegated Lantana
January 2nd--February 2011 Prediction!

My grandpa said that if you watch the weather the first 12 days of the new year, you will know what the weather will be like for the year. Here is my "official" experiment!
Actual Weather

High:  51°
Low:  22°
Wind: mild--5 mph up to 12 mph
Humidity: 31% up to 67%
Precipitation:  none
Sky: Beautiful blue with perfect white clouds


Although I did not get out much today, I did stroll around the yard a couple of times today.  The sun was bright for another gorgeous day.  The air was not quite as icy as it was yesterday, and I was comfortable outside with jeans and a sweatshirt.  Early this morning, we did have a hard freeze with frost on the windshield. 

Prediction for February 2011

It is my prayer and hope that if we do not get much rain in January, that we have a good chance of rain in February since the humidity was higher today, and there were some clouds--although white and fluffy.  Well, it looks like prayer and hope will be needed since there was absolutely no rain in the month of February 2010!  Yikes.  The average high was 57° and the average low was 37°.  Yes, I keep all this data stored in my head.  Okay, no I don't!  I am getting help from a website called Weather Underground. So, I do need to let you know this is their data and not official stats from NOAA. Nevertheless, it serves it's purpose for this experiment.

February, oh February, month of love--be kind to us.  Be mild and rain just enough to keep the grass and plants happy!!

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