Saturday, January 8, 2011

July 2011 Forecast--Prediction!!

January 7th, 2011--July 2011 Prediction!!

My grandpa said that if you watch the weather the first 12 days of the new year, you will know what the weather will be like for the year. Here is my "official" experiment!

Actual Weather

Potted plants enjoy shade--July 2006
High:  71°
Low:  33°
Wind:  5 mph to 9 mph
Humidity:  19% to 70%
Precipitation:  none
Sky:  blue with whisps of clouds


So far, January has been a beautiful month with perfect blue skies and lovely clouds rolling in.  There have only been a couple of days when it looked as though it could rain, but didn't.  This makes me a little nervous for the precipitation aspect of the year.  The morning was cool, almost icy and it stayed rather cool until late afternoon.  Pat and I actually got out in the evening to go to dinner and a movie, and it was pleasant.  But I still had a light jacket--because it's January, right?

Prediction for July 2011

I predict July 2011 will have mostly pleasant mornings (slightly below normal temperatures) and warm to above-normal highs in the afternoon.  The chance of rain will be slim to none, however, it may be muggy at times due to the 70% humidity we had during part of our day on January 7th.  It's looking like a normal July for 2011 to me!!

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