Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Container Gardening

Photo by Michelle Gervais
Containers by Deanne Fortnam

Oh how I wish I could take credit for the lovely container on the right.  This is my dream.  To plant a container like this one and actually have all the plants growing and blooming at the same time.  Every spring I am inspired and every summer I am discouraged!  Click on the link below the picture for a listing of all, I mean all the plants in this container.  Can you imagine the different kinds of plants growing in this container?  Those are cannas in the back for goodness sakes!

I cannot say that Pat and I are not successful with container gardening.  For several years in a row, my mother-in-law purchased Dragon Wing Begonias for us.  In her garden she would plant 3 or so in a large container and water the fire out of it.  They make a lovely container plant.  However, I am in love with what Ms. Fortnam has created!  I suppose success is largely due to  selecting the right types of plants.  Unfortunately, her link does not offer any tips, so I will have to do some research and update this post later.

Containers at Fort Worth Botanic

The picture, right, is another example of strategically combining plants in a large container with gorgeous results.  After going to the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth, Texas, a couple years ago, I was inspired to try again.  I had dismal results.  I suppose the thing my mother-in-law figured out a long time ago is if you don't water regularly, there is no point in spending the money.  Pat lectures me about this constantly.  He tries to help me out, but by the time he's given up on me the plants are not able to be revived.  So it's back to the drawing board for the 2011 season.  I think Ms. Fortnam's design is too advanced for me.  I do like the Fort Worth container a little better.  I am thinking that if I read the labels carefully and either go all sunny plants or all shady plants, I should be a little more successful! 

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