Thursday, January 6, 2011

Point of View--A Unique Look

Pictures of birdbath through Crepe Myrtles--January 2011

I do not know if I have said this recently, but I am loving my new camera!  Above you see 3 shots of our birdbath with different points of view.  If there is one thing I am quickly discovering about taking pictures of the same spaces in our yard is that if you move just so, or scoot to the right, or step in ever so closer, you gain a different point of view.  Some views are obscure, such as looking at our birdbath through our Crepe Myrtles.  Yet, if I do say so myself, the beauty of the Crepe Myrtles is appreciated more when used as a frame for our beloved birdbath. 

The birdbath in the picture is almost 30 years old.  It has been stained with pesticide and fertilizer.  Its base has cracked due to hard freezes and the rebar that holds it steady is exposed.  Yet it remains as one of our most beloved focal points of the garden.  It is loved and appreciated by the birds every so often, but is loved by the dogs in the heat of summer for a cool sip of water even more.  It adorns the beautiful blooms of our prized Irises when they are in bloom, and becomes the centerpiece when they recede.  

Once again, I will urge you to step out into your garden, even now, and look for those wonderful points of view that are your favorites and snap a picture.  Post a comment on this post with a link so others can enjoy the beauty of your landscape, too!

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