Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 2011 Forecast Prediction--Follow up

A picture of a frosty morning would be very appropriate for an actual update for January 2011, but the truth is our winter has been pretty mild so far.  Yes, I've had to scrape the windshield a couple of days; however, I have not worn my red wool coat at all this season. 

My Prediction:

I predict January 2011 will be cooler than normal for most of the month, although tomorrow and the rest of the week is expected to bring temps around 60°.  We'll catch some north winds, but nothing too strong.  And, we can hope for a little rain, although today's sky did not hold much of a chance at all for the month.  Stay tuned to see if the prediction comes true.  I'll update at the end of this month!!

Actual Stats--Averages for the Month:

High:  59° to 76°
Low:  20° to 38°
Rainfall:  3.70"  yippee!!
Wind:  7 mph to 32 mph


My prediction was a little off I suppose as the average high and low temperatures were 56°/33° respectively.  These temps fall within the "normal" range for January as I recall; however, I have not found a site yet that states this information.  The prediction about the winds came true since our maximum speed was 32 mph.  This occurred when the cold fronts were approaching.  Other than that, the winds were relatively calm throughout the month.  Finally, I do not care if I was off with the rain prediction!!  I'll take nearly 4" of rain any day!  We actually have today and Monday left in the month, and we do have a chance for more rain.  That will be a welcomed sight as our clay soil on top of limestone tends to dry out quickly, even after torrential downpours! 

Hypothesis Proved/Disproved:

For January I'd have to say my Grandpa's hypothesis is disproved, since the temperature was normal and the rains came anyway.  Everyone say awww!  Of course, it could have been the predictor's fault!  One never knows!

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