Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone
Welcome 2011!!!

Geraniums--picture taken in 2006 with the Elph
A happy New Year! Grant that I

May bring no tear to any eye

When this New Year in time shall end

Let it be said I've played the friend,

Have lived and loved and labored here,

And made of it a happy year.

~Edgar Guest


I hope everyone's New Year will be the best ever!  For the next 12 posts I am going to experiment with something my Grandpa Lester used to always say (if I remember this correctly).  He said that for the first 12 days of January you can predict the weather for the rest of the year.  It works like this--whatever the weather is like on January 1, that is what the weather will be like for the month of January.  January 2nd will predict February, and so on.  So, I'm off to get this all set up so it will go smoothly.  At the end of each month, I will compare my prediction to the reality.  This is something I have always wanted to test since I was a child.  But life happened and I never really had a system of remembering what the first 12 days were like.  I hope to be successful with my trial this year!  I am dying to find out once and for all if this really works :-).

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  1. Good Luck! Knowing your Grandpa, I wonder if he made it up?? In any event, I'll be watching. The Nonninator