Thursday, January 13, 2011

December 2011 Forecast--Prediction!!

January 12, 2011--December 2011 Prediction!

Actual Weather

Sunrise--Jan. 12, 2011
High:  35°
Low:  21°
Wind:  7 mph
Humidity:  59%
Precipitation:  none
Sky:  pretty blue skies


Today was a nice day for being cold.  I had a good amout of ice on the windows that needed scraping and defrosting.  Heated seats and a full heater blowing were also in order.  As the day went on, the sun helped to keep everything feeling warmer than it probably was. 

Prediction for December 2011

Today's temperatures were well below normal for January, so my December 2011 prediction is a cold wintery Holiday season.  We'll probably see more ice on our windshields than we did in fall 2010.  As far as rainfall is concerned, I am thinking below normal, although we will probably hit our dew point marks since we had ice on the windshield today.  That will help some. 

This post wraps up the prediction phase of the experiment.  Around the 27th of each month I will compare the prediction to the actual.  I will most likely rely on historical data, but will do my best to take weekend snapshots of the week's weather to add to the data. 

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