Monday, January 31, 2011

Brrrrr--That's All Folks!

After my post on how January was a mild month wintry-weather-wise, the local weatherman warned us to get ready.  Apparently a cold front of blizzard proportions is headed our way.  We're not expected to get any snow, but we are expected to have frigid temperatures over the next couple of days.

Protecting the plants for the next couple of days
Tomorrow, Tuesday, the temperature is to start dropping around midnight.  It will continue to fall to a lovely 15° overnight.  Wednesday, it warms to a frigid 28° and drops to 12°.  Thursday we can expect a balmy freezing temperature dropping to only 23°.  Keep in mind this is today's forecast.  It all could change by 6 a.m.  So what was that February 2011 prediction?

"Be mild and rain just enough to keep the grass and plants happy!!"

Perhaps I need to amend that to:  "Be kind and don't kill off all the plants with the frigid temperatures!"  Actually, the 2nd day of January was "normal" so I did not see this one coming!!  Stay tuned.....

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